Taylor Brockenshire – Executive Pastry Chef

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500.750.ChefBrockenshire004Executive Pastry Chef Taylor Brockenshire, who would encourage young culinary professionals, “Not to be scared to try new things,” certainly benefitted from his own advice, when in 1997, he transferred to his first ever pastry position as an entry-level baker at The Townsend Hotel.  He had spent the previous few years working as a savory cook at two Windsor, Ontario-area county clubs, and originally came to The Townsend intending to cook, not bake.  His leap of faith to “the sweet side” soon paid off, with Brockenshire being promoted to bakery sous chef in 1999, and then in 2002, earning him his current title as executive pastry chef for the award-winning luxury hotel.

Brockenshire long ago lost count of the number of wedding cakes, anniversary tortes and Valentine’s Day iced cookies that he’s prepared for Townsend guests over the years, but what sticks with him are the memories of their reactions, and how meaningful a role dessert can play in life’s most significant milestones.  He says, “I love watching our customers’ faces light up after biting into one of our pastries. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to create the wedding cake of a bride’s dream, or a rich, unique torte that becomes the centerpiece of a special banquet.”

As executive pastry chef, Brockenshire is responsible for menu design of The Townsend Bakery and specialty pastry creation, as well as oversight of all bakery items for The Townsend Hotel’s Rugby Grille, Afternoon Tea, catering and banquet departments.  He is a graduate of Oakland County Community College with an associate’s degree in culinary arts.

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