Hot Wedding Dates to Book at The Townsend Hotel

The day you have been dreaming of since you were little is now a reality. The dress, the shoes and something blue are very important details. But where is the wedding reception going to be held?

The Townsend Hotel heard wedding bells were headed your way. We would truly be honored to serve as your venue for this very special day.

The Townsend Hotel is thrilled to share our Hot Wedding Months with you for your exciting wedding day.

Townsend Hotel Hot Dates Still Left:

Friday                                                            Saturday

October 9th                                                   October 31st                                                                        

October 16th

November 13th

Townsend Hotel Hot Dates for 2016:

January 8th

January 15th

January 16th

January 23rd

Please contact The Townsend Hotel Wedding Professionals to secure your wedding date.

Special menu offering for Friday or Sunday.