The Townsend: Eco-Friendly Hotel in Metro Detroit

The Townsend Hotel (TTH) is continuously working to increase the number of environmentally-friendly programs among our best practices portfolio.  As a luxury green hotel, our reputation for outstanding service and hospitality extends not only to our guests, but also to the environment.  We continue to take action to improve our results today to positively affect the environment tomorrow.

Environmental Program Details

Certification: Green Leader from Green Lodging Michigan

Best Practices: 

  • We offer paperless check-out
  • In-room, we use reusable plates, utensils, napkins, glasses, coasters, newspapers, hair dryer and shoe bags
  • Our in-room mini bars feature some products using local produce when available, and up to Townsend standards
  • We partner with other environmentally friendly organizations, including Gilchrist & Soames
  • and Fiji
  • We have Evernue Mattresses in 100 percent of our guest rooms.  Evernue Mattresses only require the removable/washable top to be replaced after six years, and the box springs are made of 100 percent recycled materials.
  • Our letterhead and envelopes are made of 30 percent recycled paper
  • Upon request, blankets made of recyclable materials are now available


  • All documents are printed using environmentally safe ink in printers and copiers.

Organic Foods and Beverages: 

  • Organic coffee, teas and juices are offered and our produce vendors use Earth-friendly growing practices.


  • We work hard to minimize the number of deliveries per week from our vendors
  • TTH reduced consumption of 70,000 water bottles and 40,000 bags of ice by changing turn down service practices and offering other options
  • TTH reduced consumption of paper by discontinuing postcards and weather cards in every guest room
  • TTH replaced in-room fresh cut flowers with floral plant arrangements to maintain aesthetics while avoiding frequent replacement needs


  • Linen/towel reuse program – Guests are given the option not to have their bedroom and bathroom linen and towels washed daily, thereby reducing energy, water and detergent consumption
  • We reuse discarded terry clothes by repurposing as housekeeping rags


  • The Hotel currently has paper and aluminum can recycling programs, and is consistently searching for more and better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle

Energy Conservation: 

  • Florescent light bulbs are used throughout the hotel and parking garage
  • Parking garage exhaust fans use sensors to run only when needed, conserving energy
  • Water heaters are reduced to the lowest possible setting that remains efficient for producing hot water
  • TTH introduced Ozone in laundry to avoid high water temperature and minimize chemicals

Water Conservation:

  • All of the showerheads, faucets and most of the toilets have been updated with low flow systems

Donation programs: 

  • We donate lightly used items from the rooms to local charities to benefit those in need and reduce landfill waste

Cleaning Supplies: 

  • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies that meet our quality standards are used in all guest rooms and throughout the public areas of the hotel
  • We use biodegradable trash bags

Of all the eco-friendly hotels in the Detroit area, The Townsend provides the most exquisite accommodations, amenities and service for an unmatched experience.